Cleaning Hacks for the Stamped Type of Concrete 

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We used to have a stamped type of concrete at home because of the great quality that it can give and the savings that you could have for the installation. The ways for the concrete stamping Boise City could be a bit difficult as you need to focus more on the layers and the proper ways to stamp the concrete. You could save a lot of money because it doesn’t need to be replaced from time to time because of the great performance that it can give to your flooring. It is tested and proven that it can stand and have the best resistance against the heavy rain or typhoon and too much hotness of the sun during the summer. 

 Cleaning Hacks for the Stamped Type of Concrete 

Cleaning the stamped concrete could be timeconsuming for others as they need to make sure that every dirt and the dust could be removed and even the stain there. That is the reason why some people or house owners would hire a service cleaning company to do this one as they have the best way to clean the concrete. Others would try the different ways to clean it on their own because it would be a waste of money if they need to pay someone or a cleaning company. You may use some water and the mop to clean the flooring of it and you may add some detergent soap or washing powder to remove the stain there quickly.  

If you are trying to keep your stamped concrete cleaned and well-maintained then you could have some ideas here and try to make use of the learnings that we have 


You could start with the basic like sweeping the surface of the concrete stamped so that the bigger dirt could be removed and the smaller particles around the edges there. You need to use a broom that has a very stiff bristle so that it could get the dirt in between the concrete and have an easier job also. After that, you need to soften the stain by doing the mopping of the stamped concrete and make sure that you would use the warm type of water in mopping. Of course, just use the mild type of laundry soap to clean the surface to avoid discoloration to the concrete and sometimes it fades when you use the bleach here.  


If you could rent a pressure washer for the dirt then that would be better for you to use as it can remove tough stains on the surface and corners. There are also some cleaning solutions and degreasers that you can buy from the commercial hardware and store in your city to remove the marks and the stains around there.  


You need to make a schedule where you need to spend some time to clean it and make sure that you could follow it. You could hire someone to maintain it.  

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