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Pancreatic Tissue and Stem Cells

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One of the most devastating health condition is diabetes, particularly where an individual becomes totally reliant on insulin to survive. Because of this, it’s a major area of stem cell research. One new experiment was done by researchers and they discovered stem cells in mice’s pancreas that can help the development of the cells accountable for making insulin.  


Facts about diabetes 

In our bodies, beta cells develop insulin to assist in regulating the blood sugar of every person. For that diabetes that totally depends on insulin, these beta cells are damaged. Consequently, they take consistent insulin injections to maintain the normality of their blood sugar within the healthy range. 

In the case of type 1 diabetes, the pancreas has lost almost all capability to produce insulin. Other diabetics have got islet cell transplantation, of which portions of beta cells. Sadly, few donors are only available, which restricts the process.  

Stem cells’ role in the pancreas 

When it comes to the pancreas’ stem cells, there has been discussed before over what role they serve if there’s any. One study shows that scientists discovered that stem cells aren’t the main source of newer beta cells.  

Rather, they were beta cells that are inherent in the existing body. This derived from a deduction that once stem cells were not providing to new beta cells, investigating it further won’t be needed anymore.  

Pancreatic stem cells 

In recent studies, researchers are certain that they have discovered reliable evidence proving that stem cells really exist. Moreover, these stem cells could be stimulated through “destroyed” to lead to the generation of new and efficient beta cells. 

Cell regeneration 

They expect that the outcomes will aid us to look for means of beta cell regeneration, which enables the diabetic body to generate insulin on its own. As stated, there has been a hunt for quite some time to determine where the stem cells in the pancreas are, however, this study is the first one of providing hope that stem cells could be vital and existing. 

In this case, researchers examined mice and used them for an experiment. The first cut the duct that’s responsible to drain digestive enzymes. After a few weeks, they have observed that the number of beta cells in the pancreas multiplied. Moreover, the mice had started to generate increased insulin levels. 

New diabetes treatment 

To conclude, that particular damage appeared to stimulate stem cell production. These stem cells were virtually similar to the beta cells, meaning there’s some type of stem cell repair mechanism within the pancreas. Once scholars could know more in terms of how it functions, they will be more beneficial when it comes to making treatment plans that can activate the body to increase its beta cells and stem cells. 

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