Pancreatic Tissue and Stem Cells

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One of the most devastating health condition is diabetes, particularly where an individual becomes totally reliant on insulin to survive. Because of this, it’s a major area of stem cell research. One new experiment was done by researchers and they discovered stem cells in mice’s pancreas that can help the development of the cells accountable for making insulin.  


Facts about diabetes 

In our bodies, beta cells develop insulin to assist in regulating the blood sugar of every person. For that diabetes that totally depends on insulin, these beta cells are damaged. Consequently, they take consistent insulin injections to maintain the normality of their blood sugar within the healthy range. 

In the case of type 1 diabetes, the pancreas has lost almost all capability to produce insulin. Other diabetics have got islet cell transplantation, of which portions of beta cells. Sadly, few donors are only available, which restricts the process.  

Stem cells’ role in the pancreas 

When it comes to the pancreas’ stem cells, there has been discussed before over what role they serve if there’s any. One study shows that scientists discovered that stem cells aren’t the main source of newer beta cells.  

Rather, they were beta cells that are inherent in the existing body. This derived from a deduction that once stem cells were not providing to new beta cells, investigating it further won’t be needed anymore.  

Pancreatic stem cells 

In recent studies, researchers are certain that they have discovered reliable evidence proving that stem cells really exist. Moreover, these stem cells could be stimulated through “destroyed” to lead to the generation of new and efficient beta cells. 

Cell regeneration 

They expect that the outcomes will aid us to look for means of beta cell regeneration, which enables the diabetic body to generate insulin on its own. As stated, there has been a hunt for quite some time to determine where the stem cells in the pancreas are, however, this study is the first one of providing hope that stem cells could be vital and existing. 

In this case, researchers examined mice and used them for an experiment. The first cut the duct that’s responsible to drain digestive enzymes. After a few weeks, they have observed that the number of beta cells in the pancreas multiplied. Moreover, the mice had started to generate increased insulin levels. 

New diabetes treatment 

To conclude, that particular damage appeared to stimulate stem cell production. These stem cells were virtually similar to the beta cells, meaning there’s some type of stem cell repair mechanism within the pancreas. Once scholars could know more in terms of how it functions, they will be more beneficial when it comes to making treatment plans that can activate the body to increase its beta cells and stem cells. 

If you want to know more information about stem cell therapy, never hesitate to reach the stem cell therapy clinic within the vicinity of Texas, Dallas or visit DFW Stem Cell Center’s website to know more of our stem cell services.  

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The Reasons of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company  

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Working in an office is something that would allow people to have a stable life. That is why most people’s day is spent in the office working. Some office workers don’t give so much thought to keeping their office clean. This might be attributed to the fact that an office space is not exactly personal or intimate. However, this office workers who thinks like this is so wrong.  

Cleaning Company

Great company managers would even hire a professional carpet cleaning in Thornton Colorado just because a clean office has its own perks. You don’t exactly want to work in a cluttered, dusty dirty office. Productivity plunges in a whole new level and you don’t exactly want that to happen.  

In a business when productivity and motivation is out that would mean bad tidings to your business. So, there could be many reasons in hiring a professional cleaning company. However, in this article, you will learn the reasons why offices would hire the professionals to clean a place up.  

  1. Redirected Focus: When professionals always want to clean the place up for various reasons it could be that, the air is stale, the place is distracting there are million excuses not to do what they have to do now. However, when you hire a cleaning company they will not have a choice but to do redirect their focus and give it all to making sure the company flourishes.  
  2. Higher Morale: When you ask your employees to clean the comfort room, to clean the trash or to make sure there are no dust around the office. When they aren’t hired for that reason, one thing could happen, that is that will lower the morale in an office. Professional would like to do the job they applied for and the job that they want to excel at, not scrub the comfort room or empty the trash bins. 
  3. Healthy Employees: When your office is cleaned by a professional cleaning company. It is likely that there would be less people getting sick because of respiratory problems. Dusts would be controlled and there won’t be many people getting sick. As mentioned before absences means less production, less production means less business. So, it is that keeping the cleanliness in the office would lead to a great business ethics. 
  4. Supplies Last: When you have a cleaning company to look after your building, You are ensured that supplies last all throughout the building. Meaning paper towels, tissue, hand sanitizers soap and other cleaning materials is always well stocked. You don’t have to worry about tissues running out or that there is a cacophony of bacteria going around the office because it just goes everywhere. 

Any business owners would understand the importance of well kept and cleaned office. That is why most of them would opt to hire a cleaning company to ensure that their building reflects the kind of products or service they are marketing to the world.  

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Tips for a Healthy Lawn 

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Lawn care is not quite easy because one person’s lawn is not completely similar as to the next.  Weather, soil conditions, geographical location, budget, orientation to the sun, previous history, and usage are just some of the factors that you must keep in mind when you talk about lawn care program. 

Healthy Lawn 

It is also crucial that you must not treat two lawns exactly the same. Well, there are many companies that offer professional lawn services if you still don’t have the needed knowledge to take care of your lawn. Tom Lawns and Gardens can help you with your lawn and garden needs, they provide professional services and offer high-quality work and guarantees customer satisfaction. 

If you think you can handle your lawn and keep it in a healthy condition, then here are some tips that you must keep in mind to help you maintain the healthy and good condition of your lawn and garden. 


It is true that providing the right amount of moisture is the key component to maintain the healthy condition of your lawn but overwatering is more of a problem compared to not providing an adequate amount of water to your lawn.  

The main source of water for your lawn must not come from sprinkler systems and you must only use sprinklers to provide supplemental water. Less water is needed in a lawn if it is planted with the appropriate grass species and properly maintained. The key to this is to build the deepest and strongest root zone possible so the grass can fight against a period of drought. 


When it comes to fertilizing your lawn, right timing is needed. Before going out there first thing in the spring and fertilizing, your lawn should be allowed to wake up on its own a little. In the winter, the grass must be allowed to harden off on its own. Excessive growth might happen if improper timing in the fall is done. 

It is also important to consider whether it is an organic fertilizer composed of fish emulsion and bone meal or water soluble synthetic fertilizer used to release slowly over the course of several weeks. To encourage top growth, fertilizers higher in nitrogen are used at the onset of the growing season while fertilizer with less nitrogen is used best during the fall to build the root system of your lawn. 


It is crucial that you pick the right kind of grass for your lawn. The standard Kentucky bluegrass is great grass because of its nice color and dense. This kind of grass requires more inputs than fescues especially new cultivars bred for disease resistance and drought tolerance. 

    Pests and Weeds 

If your lawn is stressed and not maintained properly, there is a great possibility that it will be attacked by pests and weed will be rampant. Lawns with poor soil conditions are susceptible to pests and weeds. The presence of pests and weed in your lawn may indicate that there is a deeper problem; it is then beneficial that you test your lawn’s soil to ensure proper pH and adequate nutrient levels.

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